Chapter 3

So, a few months into “eating healthily” I started to need more control. I have an A-type personality, meaning I’m a perfectionist, a people-pleaser and a worry-wart. Not a good combination when it comes to going on diets. But that, I decided, was what I was going to do. So, I went Gluten Free, sugar-free […]

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How To Eat Less Meat

I’ve heard time and time again how people have tried to go vegetarian or vegan but haven’t felt full enough or satisfied without the meat aspect. Well, first of all, I commend anyone and everyone for taking even the smallest of steps towards eating less animal products. Every little change counts. Secondly, I know how […]

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Studying in the Netherlands

Just over a month ago I packed up my bags and moved to Utrecht, Netherlands to start my university studies. In the weeks leading up, a lot of things were up in the air, due to corona and flights being cancelled and I wasn’t exactly sure if I was ever going to be able to […]

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